Sacred Bond Series

Check out the latest Sacred Bond Standalone… and remember, Book One, His Baby Bond, is always FREE! Heartwarming inspirational romance celebrating heroic men with strong values and protective instincts. The Sacred Bond series spotlights four former delinquents who grow up to become heroes due to a bond they made as teenagers. 

A Christmas Bond
A Bond for the Holidays
His Baby Bond
The Bride’s Broken Bond
Her Reunion Bond
The Doctor’s Bond
The Wedding Bond

Sacred Bond Guardians

Check out the new Sacred Bond Guardians Standalone, A Bond of Hope… and remember, Book One, A Brother’s Bond, is always FREE! The second generation of men from the Covenant School still honor the vow they made as troubled teens. Romance with a dash of suspense, showing the power of courage, faith and love to overcome the world’s evil.

The Protector’s Bond
A Brother’s Bond
A Bond at Risk
A Bond of Vengeance
A Bond Fulfilled
A Western Bond
A Bond of Hope


Love Inspired Books

Sweet and wholesome Christian romance set in small towns where everyone knows and cares for each other and where wounded people are rescued and healed. Cute kids and loveable dogs play a big role in Lee’s inspirational novels from Harlequin’s Love Inspired.

Engaged to the Single Mom
His Secret Child 
Small-Town Nanny
The Nanny’s Texas Christmas – coming soon!

Just Out!

The Wedding Bond

It's a Sacred Bond Standalone!

When café owner Kaylee Kinney vows to marry within a year, she’s picturing a nice, peaceful life with a nice, peaceful husband. Enter Phelan O’Donnell: army ranger, bad boy, and Kaylee’s high school ex. What Kaylee doesn’t know, when she enters into a “practice” relationship with Phelan, is that he’s harboring a secret that could rip her family apart. Their chemistry is explosive and their values are finally in sync. Their trial run just might turn into an actual marriage. But can they withstand a shocking revelation about their own history without breaking each others’ hearts?

This standalone Christian romance spins off from Lee’s Sacred Bond series of inspirational romance novels. It’s set in the same Florida town where A Doctor’s Bond took place, and you’ll get the chance to wave hello to Boone and Abby, as well as Hector and Maria from A Bond Fulfilled.

The Wedding Bond is a great way to jump into the Sacred Bond and Sacred Bond Guardians series of heartwarming, sweet love stories. Escape into small-town Florida, where love warms the beaches… and your heart.



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