Sacred Bond Series

Book One, His Baby Bond, is FREE! Heartwarming inspirational romance celebrating heroic men with strong values and protective instincts. The Sacred Bond series spotlights four former delinquents who grow up to become heroes due to a bond they made as teenagers. 

A Christmas Bond
A Bond for the Holidays
His Baby Bond
The Bride’s Broken Bond
Her Reunion Bond
The Doctor’s Bond

Sacred Bond Guardians

Book One, A Brother’s Bond, is FREE! Do you like your romance with a dash of suspense? The Sacred Bond Guardians are the second generation from the Covenant School, and they still honor the vow they made as troubled teens. Set in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, these books deal with corruption, drug traffic, stalkers…and the power of courage, faith and love to overcome the world’s evil.

The Protector’s Bond
A Brother’s Bond
A Bond at Risk
A Bond of Vengeance
A Bond Fulfilled
A Western Bond


Rescue River Series

Sweet and wholesome Christian romance set in the small town of Rescue River, Ohio, where everyone knows and cares for each other and where wounded people are rescued and healed. Cute kids and loveable dogs play a big role in these inspirational novels from Love Inspired.

Engaged to the Single Mom
His Secret Child 
Small-Town Nanny

Just Out!

A Western Bond

The latest in the Sacred Bond Guardians series...

While most of the Sacred Bond Guardians grew up in poverty and at risk, Mark Stern, the only son of Dr. Robert Stern and his wife Emily, had an upbringing of wealth and privilege. But if you read Before the Bond and A Bond for the Holidays, you know there are secrets in Mark’s past. So although the Guardians adopted him into their rough-edged group, and he shares their vow to protect the weak, he’s distanced himself from both families to live in Miracle, Montana. 

But the past catches up with Mark when he hires the lovely Serena Harrington as his secretary, and the history she brings to the idyllic mountain community puts Mark, Serena, and Serena’s adopted son Joey in spine-chilling danger. Can Mark and the Sacred Bond Guardians get at the truth in time to save an innocent woman and child?


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