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Child on His Doorstep

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Escape to small-town Ohio…

I’m so excited about the release of the next book in the Rescue Haven series. Child on His Doorstep features a nerdy professor hero (he’s also handsome and strong, of course!), a heroine who’s a former bad girl, rescue dogs, and a little boy who needs a home. I loved writing this story! Be forewarned, there are a few tears on the way to the happy ending…

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Safe Haven

Three brothers return to the South Carolina Low Country to resolve their mother’s mysterious disappearance… and end up finding love.

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Love Inspired

Hope-filled, heartwarming stories about family, community, and love. Available at major book retailers and online. 

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Sacred Bond

Hero-centered romances featuring former at-risk teens who bonded together to help those in need

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The Off Season

In a small Chesapeake Bay town, wounded cops and their K9 partners find healing, hope, and love.

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I’m glad you stopped by. I write angsty-but-heartwarming romances about characters who get through their struggles with the help of close-knit communities, family, and faith. My books usually include kids and dogs, too! Please stay in touch via my newsletter or send me an email.

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