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Sacred Bond Guardians Volumes 4-6

Get the last three Sacred Bond Guardians novels at a great price!

The men of the Covenant School are at it again: rescuing kids at risk, living their values… and falling in love, of course. Each of these stories stands alone, so you can jump in at any point. 

Kindle customers say:

I have read most of the Brothers Bond books and have enjoyed them all. A Bond Fulfilled is my favorite. I enjoyed the history of brothers and Maria all the way to John who started the school. The story was current and a parent’s worst nightmare. I love the way that someone is always around to pray when things get scary. This book is a great read!!

The books are a nice escape into the world of faith-based romance , simple reads yet addicting in their own way. I feel safe in passing them on to my teen grand daughter knowing she can indulge but with boundaries set.

A Bond of Hope  is a wonderful story of dreams, romance, suspense & a huge bird named Paco! It’s clear that God honors our truthfulness, see how Esperanza opens up to Gabe. I love this series!

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Safe Haven

Warmhearted small-town stories set in the South Carolina Low Country, where three brothers return to resolve their mother’s mysterious disappearance… and end up finding love.

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Love Inspired

Hope-filled, heartwarming stories about family, community, and love. Available at major book retailers and online. 

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Sacred Bond

Hero-centered romances featuring former at-risk teens who bonded together to help those in need

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Arcadia Valley

Food, faith, and romance in small-town Idaho… the Quintana family, owners of El Corazon Mexican restaurant, learn the joys of romance from the heart

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