Two Deals and a Cover Disaster!

Click to preorder for $2.99! Price goes back up to $4.99 after December 26.

Hi everyone! Just a quick post to let you know about a deal! If you preorder A Bond Fulfilled, which releases December 26th, you get this full-length Christian romantic suspense novel for just $2.99. After that, it goes up to full price: $4.99. So if you’re a fan of the Sacred Bond Guardians novels and want to see what’s going on with Hector and Maria… and to revisit earlier characters, particularly Hope and Rock from The Bride’s Broken Bond… grab it now on Amazon at a reduced price. 

Let’s Play the Cover Disaster Game! 

I am known for my book cover disasters. This time, let’s play a game. What do you think went wrong with the first draft of the cover for A Bond Fulfilled? As soon as I get ten comments speculating about that, I will add the bad cover to this post for all of you to chuckle about. 

(By the way, I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the bad covers. I am absolutely not visual! Plus, I really don’t like the kind of serious, gloomy cover look that is supposed to characterize romantic suspense novels. That’s why I need a great team, Heather Osborne and Angela Waters, to create most of my indie covers. And they succeeded beautifully with the version of A Bond Fulfilled that finally went to press, didn’t they?)

Oh, and one more thing: A Bond for the Holidays is FREE through December 26th. Merry Christmas, everyone!

My latest Christmas novella, free through December 26th!

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I am new to your website and have only read one of your books previously. That said, I am guessing that perhaps there was a wrong city skyline? Or perhaps the skyline was in the forefront. I’ve not witnessed your other “disasters”. 8-)


Was someone bungee jumping nekkid off the bridge? Yikes!

Muriel Hernando


I imagine there was something funny and unexpected in the background … I’m looking forward ti know !


I’m guessing that the baby had wet himself, and his daddy.

Lientjie Human

The baby looked terrified?

Really enjoy your books!

Terese March

i am not super tech savvy so I am trying to figure out how to get The Final Bond, but am having no luck. Can you help?

Sylvia M.

Did they have models of the incorrect race? I haven’t read these books yet, but the names sound like Hispanic names. These books sound very interesting.

Judy Becker
I have been searching all over for “The Final Bond” and finally see that you answered another person’s question and that you haven’t written it yet, at least as of January 2016. I am SO looking forward to that book, and have been speculating about the ending, but I am going back and reading ALL the Sacred Bond and Sacred Bond Guardian books, including Before the Bond, and the two series’ prequels. I absolutely LOVE these books, perhaps because I have messed up so much in my life and been redeemed so I love reading clean books that show how… Read more »