An American Hero

Me & Bob Eakin
Bob Eakin, a WWII gliderman who appears in HIS SECRET CHILD… as himself!

It’s pretty rare for a writer to use a character from real life in a novel. But that’s exactly what I did with Bob Eakin, a character in His Secret Child derived from a real-world hero. Bob served in the 82nd Airborne Division during World War II and is still going strong in his 90s. He is an excellent woodworker and runs the library at the senior community where he lives. When we met, we had a good-natured argument about whether books written by women were worth reading. He said no… that was before he found out I was an author! When I was developing the Senior Towers
for my Rescue River series, I realized that it needed a library–and a librarian. Bob Eakin sprang to mind as the perfect person to put in my book. He is funny, a bit offbeat, and a booklover–and he has amazing stories about serving our country. With his permission, I used him in His Secret Child; his only condition was that I should not make him look like a wimp. I hope I’ve succeeded!

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