Barns, Romance, and a Gift Card Giveaway....

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I have always liked barns. When I was a child growing up in Ohio, I spent long hours looking out the car window at the countryside, dotted with barns: red barns, white barns, grey wood barns falling down in disrepair. Usually, there were some nice cows or sheep hanging around the barns; sometimes a farmer on a tractor. As a city girl, I never knew the work associated with barns, but only saw their picturesque beauty. To me, barns represented uncomplicated, pastoral peace.

His Secret Child cover
What a thrill when my barn book hit the PW Bestsellers List!

Naturally, I was thrilled when Love Inspired gave me a barn cover for His Secret Child! The first half of this book takes place at an isolated dog rescue farm in Ohio, during a snowstorm. So, inside that snowy red barn are a bunch of rescue dogs; our heroine, who is housesitting, ends up having to care for all the dogs during an unexpected winter storm. Fortunately, a rugged ex mercenary shows up to help her… and romance ensues. 

Romance was definitely in the air when my dear friend Faith got married in a barn! Barn weddings are popular these days, but Faith’s was the Faith and Chris dancingfirst I’d been to. It was rustic and romantic, the perfect place for this second-chance-at-love couple to say their vows. And a barn makes a great place for a party! It seems like barn weddings give couples the chance to affirm old-fashioned values and a sense of community that’s all too hard to find in our hectic, technology-obsessed lives. In fact, when I was “helping” to set up for Faith and Chris’s barn wedding, I realized that a wedding barn would be a totally cool setting for a romance series. So off I crept to take pictures and chat with workers on the farm where the wedding took place. Invite a romance writer to your wedding at your own risk!

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jane kramer

Barns can be so much fun , as kids , my brother and i would always play hide and go seek , there are so many places to hide :)

Beth Schwarzlose

I live in a rural area and I love seeing the variety (in age and fuction) of barns across the landscape. I’m not a farm girl and haven’t had the chance to attend a barn wedding. Barns are heritage and legacy around here.
Thanks for the giveaway, Lee!

Laurie Bergh

I love old barns. Like old houses, they have a history. Being in an old abandoned barn makes me wonder how many people worked in that barn through the years. And why did they leave it to stand empty now.


I love pictures of old barns and reading western stories with barns in them. That’s about the extent of my experience with them, lol!
Thank you for the gift card chance, Lee :-)

Karen Hadley

I not a country girl but old barns are wonderful! Having a wedding in one would be great. The possibilities are endless.


I love Amish barns. They always look so nicely kept. Our barn is a metal one. While it is functional, not much to look at. lol

Melissa Henderson

My favorite experience with barns came when I was a young girl, visiting my Aunt in NC. One of the first things she would tell me when I arrived at her farm was, “Go to the barn. We have new kittens.” I loved the smell of the barn and the hay. I was a city girl, but, loved going to her home and going to the barn. I love barns.

Robin Owens

to me old barns remind me of family’s worked together, depended on each other as well as land and animals didn’t feel entitled like today.

Jan Hall

We have a barn on on our families farm in West Texas. They are still in use. The farm has been in our family for over 100 years. I can remember visiting my grandparents a few times and doing a little exploring.

Melissa L

Love ole barns. Just seeing the tractors and such stores inside. I also love how murals were painted on them. They are peaceful. Thank yoh

Deanna Stevens

When I was growing up we kept our horse in the big red barn.. Loved the smell of the horses & hay!

My granddad had a farm and each summer I would visit for two weeks. His barn was so big and intimidating.,I was always scared to go in there. One summer he said he had a surprise for me but I had to go to the barn and get it. I took a deep breath and took the long walk to the barn. I opened the doors to darkness and saw two eyes staring at me. I screamed and ran all the way back to the house. Granddad asked if I liked my present. I was shaking so bad I couldn’t… Read more »
Britney Adams

Thanks for sharing this fun post and giveaway! Old, weathered barns are my favorite to photograph and explore.

Ann Ellison

Thinking about a barn brings back some fun memories. My granddad had a hay barn behide their house and my cousins and I spent a fun hour playing in that barn. Also, at the time they didn’t have an inside bathroom and we bathed in a wash tub in the back of the barn.

Linda Rainey

I love barns, they were the center of my childhood
My grandparents had two barns and during the summers you would find all kids of kids playing there.
We would jump from the hayloft , run wires and cans from one barn to the other for our makeshift phone.
We always had hours of fun.

Annie JC

I just love old barns! I’ve visited several old manor houses that have their own barns, which includes the barn for the cows, and there’s one that’s more like their “garage” that house their carriages, and one that’s a grain barn. I’ve always wanted to see an Amish barn raising! There’s this one red barn off the road near my house that reminds me of the cover picture of your book, His Secret Child. During the summer months, it’s a little market for local produce. Love their watermelons!

Jaime Brown

I love old barns. It is a good memory for me.

Dianne Casey

I remember going to my uncle’s farm as a kid and we got to go in his barns and play in the hay loft and in the other barn he had all his farm equipment and we were able to climb up on the tractors and sit in the cab.

Janice Moore

Exploring my grandparents’ barn after their death made my appreciation for them increase, imaging all the work that was done there! Knowing the family, laughter was there, too!


My favorite barn experience would be hanging out in it with my dad, great uncle, cousin, and great-grandfather as a kid during milking time. They’d let me bottle-feed the heifers and I’d play while they milked and talked. Miss that!

jennifer struble

Barns are unique and can be used in lot of ways. Your books sound interesting and will look into it.

June Roman2

I grew up on a dairy farm and barns have always been a part of my life.

Marsha Bernabe

I love old barns!

Beth C

I remember going to visit my grandpa’s farm and looking in the barn for eggs!

Beth C

I remember visiting my grandpa’s farm and riding on the tractor which he kept in the barn!

Ellen Gray

I don’t have any experience with barns but I love driving and looking at older barns, especially round barns!

judy schexnayder

As a child growing up in rural Louisiana, our barn was more of a crib that was used to store cotton, corn and potatoes. The children would play in the huge mound of cotton. To this day,I can still smell the scent of the just picked (by hand) cotton.

Stella Potts

I grew up on a farm and when I was a kid I loved playing in the hay loft. Swinging on a rope and landing in the hay. I just feel like kids miss so much these days sitting around with all their electronic gadgets.


When I was young, I used to spend my summers with my one aunt and her family. They were dairy farmers – we had so much fun every summer-milking, bailing hay, feeding baby calves – you name it! So many wonderful memories :D Have a Blessed day! Thanks for the giveaway!

Emilee Douglas

I lived in Ohio when I was a little girl. I saw and visited several beautiful big barns. But here in Southern Al. I haven’t been to many and the ones around here are much smaller.

Joan Arning

As a child 60 plus years ago, I liked to play in the hay in the barn loft especially if a mama cat hid her kittens there and I found them!

Elizabeth Lopez

I had the same experience as a child. In those days when there was far less television, the family Sunday afternoon drive was a pretty common thing. We’d read the Burma Shave signs and enjoy the beautiful countryside — usually stopping somewhere along the way for a picnic. I too loved the barns we saw. I always somehow picture a large wagon wheel resting against the side. Happy memories.


Barns hold good memories for me. I used to ride horse when I was a kid growing up on the farm, and we saddled the horses in the barn. The horse would try to scrape me off when we’d come back. The same barn was also where I would help work cattle by giving them shots. I loved that. What a fun childhood.