Bonds of a Lifetime: The John Moretti Stories

Bonds of a Lifetime: The John Moretti Stories

*****FIRST TIME EVER! These previously released novellas can be bought in a bundle, making it easy to follow one heroic man through a lifetime of love.*****

John Moretti is a decorated war hero with a heart for troubled youth. He’s also handsome, protective, and charming, and he could have his pick of women… but a romantic heartbreak in his twenties left him unwilling to commit.

Follow John throughout his lifetime, in a series of novellas, as he falls in love again, raises a family, reconnects with a child he didn’t know he had, and finally gets his second chance at love in his golden years.

From the author:

Welcome to a very different kind of romance collection! Romance novels usually start at the beginning and end with “happily ever after.” But in real life, love doesn’t always proceed so smoothly. Whether through misunderstandings, separations, or loss, many of us end up having more than one important relationship in our lives.

That’s what happens to my favorite romance hero, John Moretti. In this collection, you’ll see John go from youthful love and mistakes, to true love, to loss, and back to love again as an older man.

Wishing you escape and enjoyment… and the chance to fall in love with John Moretti, just as I have.

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