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Me signing contractI’ve had an amazing couple of months! Last month, I signed a contract to write one of Harlequin’s LoneStar Cowboy League books. It’ll be a series written by six different authors, one each month, all centering around the same group of characters in the same Texas town. I get the chance to work with fantastic writers I’ve admired for years. And my book is set on a ranch for troubled boys and features a single dad, a schoolteacher heroine, and a dog. At Christmas! Right up my alley.

And yesterday, I signed the contract for three more books in my Rescue River series, also with Harlequin’s Love Inspired line. Woot! Remember Buck, the handsome-but-troubled veteran who showed up too drunk to take out Angelica in Engaged to the Single Mom? You’ll see him reforming in His Secret Child, coming in January, and Small-Town Nanny, coming in June. He’ll get his own book in 2017! And so will Daisy, Troy and Sam’s little sister (hint: she falls in love with a cop). And then there’s the sad, mysterious heiress you’ll meet in Small-Town Nanny… 

imageOn the indie side, I’m just about to release Hector’s story, A Bond Fulfilled, and I’m putting the finishing touches on A Western Bond, which will release in March of 2016. These two books will finish the Sacred Bond Guardians series of Christian romantic suspense novels. 

I’ve been super busy, but in a good way. I love, love, love writing uplifting, emotional stories of troubled people redeemed by the right relationships, by communities of caring friends, and by God’s grace. Believe me, I don’t take this job for granted. It took years of work and a lot of rejection and failure and tears to get my Christian romance career off the ground. In fact, maybe I should write about that journey sometime; what do you think? At any rate, I am so grateful for the wonderful readers who’ve embraced my work this year, and I am incredibly thankful for your encouragement and prayers on the journey. Christmas blessings to every one of you!


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Wow, what truly great news. Looking forward to reading A Bond Fulfilled as well as all the new stories you mentioned. So glad you persevered in your writing career as I love your books. Yes, you should write about your journey and make it fiction or nonfiction. Either one would be great. Wishing you and yours a truly Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ann Ellison

Yay – more stories to look forward too. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

Patricia Johns

That is all very exciting news! A busy writer is a happy writer. :D Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Katy Lee

Well done, Lee. :) May God give you the wisdom and words to speak to your readers in the many opportunities coming your way.