Book List


Sacred Bond 

  • Before the Bond (Pre-prequel story, available to newsletter subscribers only)
  • A Christmas Bond (prequel novella)
  • A Bond for the Holidays (Christmas novella)
  • His Baby Bond
  • The Bride’s Broken Bond
  • Her Reunion Bond
  • The Doctor’s Bond 

Sacred Bond Guardians 

  • The Protector’s Bond (prequel novella)
  • A Brother’s Bond
  • A Bond at Risk 
  • A Bond of Vengeance 
  • A Bond Fulfilled
  • A Western Bond

Sacred Bond Standalones 

  • A Bond of the Heart
  • A Bond of Hope
  • The Wedding Bond
  • A Harvest Bond (final novella)


Rescue River Series 

    • Engaged to the Single Mom
    • His Secret Child
    • Small-Town Nanny
    • The Soldier and the Single Mom
    • The Soldier’s Secret Child
    • A Family for Easter

Redemption Ranch Series

  • The Soldier’s Redemption
  • The Twins’ Family Christmas

Christmas Books (connected with other authors’ series)

  • The Nanny’s Texas Christmas (Lone Star Cowboy League: Boys Ranch) 
  • Secret Christmas Twins (Christmas Twins)



  • Romance Grows in Arcadia Valley 
  • Secrets of the Heart 
  • Wise at Heart
  • Joy of My Heart

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