Coming in 2021

Sixteen-year-old Tess Latitude has always been the ugly duckling of her rich, status-conscious family. Chubby, dark-haired, and unconventional, she loves kids and befriends those less fortunate. Her parents have focused their hopes on her blonde, gorgeous sister and tend to forget about Tess, except when her failure to conform becomes too conspicuous.

When her parents plan a European vacation and sign her and her sister up for camp—the snooty athletic camp Tess hated last year—Tess rebels. As soon as her parents leave, Tess talks her wrong-side-of-the-tracks aunt into letting her stay at her tacky motel in exchange for working nights at the desk. As she settles in, she meets not one but two hot guys, and neither seems to mind her curves or her snark.

But when a child she’s babysitting goes missing, Tess falls under suspicion. Trying to find the child means digging deeper into her new community’s secrets,.. and puts Tess’s life at risk. Will she solve the mystery… or will she become the next missing person?

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