The Soldier and the Single Mom

The Soldier and the Single Mom

Rescue River Series

Come to Rescue River, a small Ohio town with a history of helping those in need. Meet the rescue pets at A Dog’s Last Chance, have lunch at the Chatterbox Café, and learn the gossip from the lively elders at the Senior Towers. No matter what challenges your day may hold, Rescue River offers a hope-filled respite to escape your problems and warm your heart.  

When Buck Armstrong rescues Gina Patterson and her baby from a dark country road outside town, he intends to keep his distance. Gina and little Bobby remind the handsome veteran too much of all he’s lost.

The vulnerable single mom seems equally wary of getting involved. But things change once Gina and her son settle into his sister’s boardinghouse. Being with Gina and Bobby makes Buck question his plans to leave town for a fresh start.

Suddenly he has dreams of forging a new family, even though it will mean risking his heart. But can he escape his past for a chance at a happy future?

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