Excerpt: The Soldier and the Single Mom

Excerpt: The Soldier and the Single Mom

Rescue River Series

Buck watched as Gina adjusted little Bobby with a tender care and private, loving smile. Then she looked out at the rainy twilight. “I like it here, and it feels safe. Like a good place to get my bearings.”

“That’s the town’s history and reputation,” he said. “Rescue River’s always opened its arms to those in need.”

 “I think God may have sent me and Bobby here for a reason,” she said. “I’m thinking, maybe, I’d like to stay.”

His ambivalence must have shown on his face, because she cocked her head to one side and spoke. “That bothers you, doesn’t it? How come? Is it about my resemblance to your late wife?”

“Somewhat.” Actually, he was starting to wonder how he’d ever mistaken her for Ivana. She had a plucky strength and determination, a set to her chin, a way of holding herself that were completely her own. 

Still, he had questions.

She looked at him quizzically. “Would you like to hold him?”

 “Sure.” He leaned down and picked up the baby boy and held him against his shoulder. Bobby was sturdier than Buck’s own daughter had been. Gina had mentioned that Bobby was ten months. Mia had made it only eight.

He pulled Bobby a little closer, breathing him in, cherishing the feel of the baby. Pretending his little daughter was still alive and well and happy. 

“Look,” Gina said, “I’m sorry if I bring up memories for you. Maybe I’ll get on my feet quickly and be able to get out of here. But meanwhile…”

“Meanwhile what?” He was holding her baby in the rainy twilight, looking at her and finding her beautiful, and feeling like he might be stepping into the biggest mess of his life.

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