A Bond at Risk

A Bond at Risk

Book 2: Sacred Bond Guardians

Former police officer Travis Baudin blames himself for the murder of his wife and child, so he’s hiding out as a school janitor deep in the West Virginia mountains.

His Guardian friends from the Covenant School remind him that he’s not fulfilling his vow to protect the weak and vulnerable, and his family thinks he’s wasting his abilities, but Travis fears getting involved will put others at risk. Until he encounters a beautiful young mother being pursued by a really weird guy….

Amber Beck hopes to evade her stalker and raise her daughter safely by taking a school aide job in the remote mountains where she grew up. Without the distraction of a love life gone wrong, she can focus on her career and her child. But when her violent ex seeks revenge, she’s forced to rely on the mysterious stranger who seems way more skilled than your average school janitor at evading criminals, using weapons, and breaking and entering.

As the threats come closer, Amber continues to lean on Travis and their relationship begins to blossom. But when their most vulnerable loved ones are put at risk, will they be able to overcome their histories, end Amber’s stalker’s reign of terror . . . and maybe even fall in love?

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