A Bond Fulfilled

A Bond Fulfilled

Book 4: Sacred Bond Guardians

Facing the loss of his job and his self-esteem, police officer Hector Santiago has returned to the Covenant School to work security and pull his life together. What he doesn’t expect is for his old friend and onetime girlfriend Maria Moretti to move in next door. With a baby who looks a whole lot like him.

Maria Moretti has had a crush on Hector Santiago ever since he saved her life when she was ten years old, and for a short time, when she was losing her mother and drowning in grief, protective Hector became more than a friend. For complicated reasons, Maria’s kept the child who resulted from their liaison a secret. But with him living next door, the secret becomes harder and harder to keep. 

Once the truth comes out, a marriage of convenience seems like the only way to give baby Sammy the intact family he deserves. But that upsets a whole lot of  people, including a lonely, easily-manipulated caregiver and a sketchy priest.  When Maria’s biological father, the mad stalker who nearly killed her fifteen years ago, gets in on the conspiracy to kidnap the baby, things get too dangerous for even Hector to handle alone…

Jump into the last Sacred Bond Guardians novel and find out what’s going on with Adam and Kendra, Travis and Amber, and Jake and Karen. Even Chad and Lissa get involved in the shattering conclusion of the Sacred Bond Guardians series.

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