A Bond of the Heart

A Bond of the Heart

Standalone Spinoff

When disabled veteran Shane MacQuaid shows up on Dani Cooper’s doorstep, the kind-but-impoverished single mom does her Christian duty and offers him shelter. Now, before his past catches up with him, the handsome handyman must convince Dani he’s nothing like her loser ex-husbands if he’s to nourish the attraction between them into a true bond of the heart.

*** Please note: An earlier version of this story, entitled “Stray Gifts,” appeared in the collection, Love in Mistletoe Springs.***

This Christian romance novella tells the story of the childhood friend of Mark Stern (A Western Bond). Like Mark, Shane grew up surrounded by the trappings of wealth, but finding his way as a Christian came later, in the midst of two harrowing tours of duty in the middle east. When he returns stateside with a limp and a brain injury–and a strong faith–life looks completely different.

Sacred Bond Standalones connect loosely to the Sacred Bond and Sacred Bond Guardians novels, but each one stands alone. Uplifting contemporary romances focused on love, family, and God.

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