A Western Bond

A Western Bond

Book 5: Sacred Bond Guardians

Back in Miracle, Montana after escaping her stalker boss on the east coast, Serena Harrington is in desperate need of a job to support her and her adopted son. As luck would have it, Mark Stern, her teenage crush, is hiring.

As the new interim president of Agape College, Mark is on the hunt for a secretary. With the tarnished reputation of his womanizing predecessor, Mark needs someone who will make the right impression. And he needs to keep his past locked away.

Serena and Mark working together is a perfect situation, until they uncover a link between them that might be the perfect storm to destroy Mark’s career. Will the secret they share bond them together, or tear them apart?

Yes, this is Mark, Robert and Emily’s son from A Bond for the Holidays. And you’ve seen him all grown up in A Bond Fulfilled, Hector and Maria’s story. But there’s a lot you don’t know about Mark….

Dive into Book 5 of the Sacred Bond Guardians series, coming March 1, 2016!