The Minister's Bond

The Minister's Bond

Book 2: Sacred Bond South

Remember Gordon Smith, Boone’s rival for Abby’s affections in The Doctor’s Bond? He finally gets his own love story… and it’s nothing like he expected! 

When Ruby Russo returns to her Florida hometown to help her grandmother manage her struggling motel, she doesn’t expect to be thrown together with the man who let her down back in high school. But Gordon Jones, now a pastor, is part owner of the Palmetto Palace, and if he, Ruby, and her grandmother can’t cooperate, the place could go under.

As he joins the warmhearted community that’s grown up at the Palmetto Palace, Gordon sees another side of the high school girl with the bad reputation. But Ruby and her grandmother are hiding a secret that could destroy everything Gordon’s tried to build. When the truth comes out, can the pastor forgive his beautiful, imperfect friend long enough for her to become much, much more?

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