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A Bond for the Holidays: A terrible secret revealed… Emily and Robert have been happily married for eighteen years, but a secret stands between them… and just before Christmas, the truth comes out. Their comfortable family blows apart, and it takes a Christmastime trip to the Covenant School’s new farm–and a whole lot of praying–to keep them together for the holidays, and just maybe, to find a new level of happiness and meaning forever.

Sheltered Hearts: Alex Quintana doesn’t want to be a small-town celebrity, but his rapid rise and fall as a major league baseball player have made him a legend in his hometown of Arcadia Valley. When a woman pounds on the door of El Corazon Restaurant during a surprise snowstorm, he figures she’s another groupie out for his money and fame. But, on the run from the wealthy, prominent fiance who jilted her, Patricia Aiken wants nothing of the kind. As they help her injured dog and other stranded motorists, Alex and Patricia are drawn to each other… but each of them is harboring a secret. When the sun breaks through, can their newfound feelings survive the light of day?

A Christmas Bond: War hero John Moretti sees the delinquent boys he mentors as the sons he never had, and he wants to give them every opportunity to reform. Crime victim Annie Bauer views them as dangerous threats to her elderly grandma, who lives next door to the boys’ residential school.

When the Baby Jesus is stolen from Grandma’s yard nativity scene, the boys’ potential involvement may send them straight to hard-core juvie, and break the fragile connection that’s building between Annie and John. Until the so-called delinquents join together to make a sacred bond…

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