Interview and Giveaway with Christian Romantic Suspense Author Dana R. Lynn

Do you love Christian romantic suspense? If so, I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Christian Romantic Suspense author Dana R. Lynn. And I hope you’ll comment by the end of the weekend for a chance to win a signed, autographed copy of her debut Love Inspired Suspense novel!


Lee:  Hi, Dana! I know you’re a busy mom. How do you get your writing done?

Dana:  One of the biggest challenges I have to getting my writing done is our busy schedule. I have three children, and all of them are active in activities. It’s not uncommon to be going in three different directions on the same night. And because our schedule isn’t crazy enough, my husband’s job is very involved, and he often has evening meetings and appointments he has to go to.  I try to remember to put my family first and then my writing. Although I have been known to tote my laptop along to my children’s sports practices. Normally, though, I write in the evening when everyone else is either in bed or otherwise  involved. I work at the dining room table, so I need to be sure I can count on relative quiet. I try to write 1,000 words a day. I don’t always make it, but that’s my goal.

Lee: Since my blog is called “Flawed Christian Woman” . . . tell us about one of your flaws!

Dana: I have many flaws. Probably the most humorous is the fact that I am an outgoing introvert. Yes, you read that right. When I first know someone, or when I am in a crowd, I get tongue -tied and I stammer and blush. So I tend to keep silent. Once I am comfortable with someone, watch out! My best friend’s husband says he knows when she’s talking with me on the phone because she doesn’t say anything!  Teaching myself to be still and listen to others and to God is an ongoing process.

Lee: Tell us about your new novel. What’s the story?


Dana:  My book, Presumed Guilty, was just released in April from Love Inspired Suspense. I loved writing it! It was very intense. Melanie has spent four years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Upon her release, she is targeted and opposed on every side. She must rely on Lieutenant Jace Tucker to protect her and help her prove her innocence. Unfortunately, Jace thinks she ‘s guilty, too.

Lee:  What questions do you have for the blog’s readers?

Dana:  Readers:  What kind of stories do you enjoy? Are there any themes you especially like? I’m giving away a signed copy of Presumed Guilty. If you are interested, comment on this post today for a chance to win. I will draw the winner Sunday night, June 7th.


Thank you, Lee, for inviting me today!

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Robin Bunting

I enjoy suspense. Dana, your new book sounds like one I would enjoy. Thank you for the chance to win a signed copy. Your life sure does sound quite hectic. May your writing continue to be blessed.

Dana R. Lynn

Thanks so much Robin! My life might be hectic, but I really enjoy the challenges raising my kids and caring for my family provide. Blessings!

Ann Ellison

Enjoyed the interview and the book sounds like one I would really enjoy. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

chris granville

What a neat interview Your book sounds exciting
But most of all I want to wish you a terrific, wonderful, God-blessed week

Linda Rainey

I love romantic suspense, after over 40 years in ER and Critical Care I still need an adrenalin rush.
Thanks for the opportunity for another suspense book

Megan H
What kind of books do i enjoy? Good thing I have a handy list…. Historical fiction is always on the top, especially if it’s American Civil War or WWII eras. That is often either preceded or followed by non-fiction in the same eras… “who was really there and what really happened” thing…. Armed Forces/FBI/Law Enforcement combined with suspense and romance (guilty to admit that I have only read one Love-Inspired Suspense novella to date, but I really enjoyed it!) “Small Town” Feel (like Christy, Mitford, Harmony..) Relationships/Romance/Family/Friends Guideposts-published Series (although I have only read about 1 1/2 series to date… Read more »
Karen Hadley

I like suspense, historical fiction and well I just like all Christian fiction, lol.

jeri hernandez

I love inspired romances and suspense books

Terrill Rosado

Like music, I love a little bit of everything in my Christian and/or clean fiction. I always like to have a little bit of romance thrown in for good measure. It doesn’t have to be the main idea, but it can add some fun tension between the major characters.