Margaret Daley: Her Habits, Her Flaws, and a Chance to Win a Free Book

What challenges do you face to getting your writing done? Tell us a little about your writing habits. 

1-Margaret Daley photo small-jpgI started out writing in the secular book market and sold nearly 30 books in that market before the Lord gave me a story that could only be told in a Christian perspective. Although I had faith, I’d never seen me writing for the Christian fiction market. God had other plans. Since that book in 2000, I’ve been writing with a Christian message, often about trusting in the Lord, living in the present and forgiving others.

I usually do email in the morning then start writing through the day. In the evening I usually do email and promotion type activities.


Since my blog is called “Flawed Christian Woman,” what’s your biggest or most humorous flaw as a Christian woman?

The hardest thing I’ve had to learn is to trust totally in God. I’m still a work in progress but I have made strides forward. I’m trying not to worry about the future all the time, but relish the moment God has given me right now. I’ve been working on this for years and I imagine I will continue to work on it, because when I see something that needs done, I jump right in. Sometimes that’s not the best thing to do.

Deadly Countdown FinalWhat are you working on? What book can readers look forward to next? 

The book I just finished is Deadly Countdown in my Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations Series. This is the fourth book in the romantic suspense series, set in the Louisiana Bayou Country.

Next, I’m going to work on a new series about a Single Dad’s Club (support group for single dads) for Love Inspired and a romantic suspense about a lady bull rider in the rodeo, and then I have a fifth book in my Alaskan Search and Rescue Series for Love Inspired Suspense.


I would love to give away a copy (worldwide) of Security Breach, my current Love Inspired Suspense in the K-9 Capitol Unit series, to a random commenter. Since my June book is about police dogs, please let me know what is your favorite pet and why? Leave a comment to enter the contest for the book. My favorite pet was Cottontails, a biscon, who was the sweetest dog ever. The deadline for the contest is June 15th. Please leave a way to be contacted if you are the winner of the book.Security Breach small 



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Ann Ellison

I really enjoy Margaret’s books and would love to win a copy of this one.

Terrill Rosado

My favorite pet is one of our current family pets – a English Springer Spaniel named Reggie. She is an extremely sweet girl that loves to please. tlhcoupon(at)hotmail(dot)com

Margaret Daley

Thanks, Ann and Terrill, for stopping by.

Edward Arrington

I am not a pet person. After suffering with serious asthma and allergy issues as a child, I just never got to the point that I felt totally comfortable having an animal in my space. There are probably some that I could handle but I’ve become set in my ways. I think if I had a pet, I would choose a dog but am not certain which kind.

Diane Markesbery

I enjoy Margaret’s books! I love dogs because they can give you unconditional love no matter how hard your day has been. Bruno our Anatolian Shepherd was the best dog ever. He was our sons younger brother:) I would call Adam and Bruno would come to see what I wanted so funny. He was a blessing to our family. I worked for 5 years in an adminstrative position at Dinovite inc. a pet supplement company owned by our dear friends. Dogs rule!!!!

angela chesnut

would love to win.

Margaret Daley

Thanks, June, Edward and Angela, for stopping by.

Carol Swafford

My favorite pet is my shih tzu Suky! She is with me always and is my comfort in the dark times.

Beth C

I really like reading her books and would love to win one.

Trixi O.
My favorite pets are cats. We weren’t allowed pets growing up simply because we always lived in apartment complexes that didn’t allow animals. But when I moved out after I graduated, I got my first cat and fell in love! Over the years I’ve had numerous cats. When I married, my husband had a dog. I’m not a huge dog fan, but I don’t hate them either, lol! We have one cat and one dog now and I wouldn’t trade them for the world! They are like our kids, a huge part of our family! We’ve adopted whatever animal we’ve… Read more »
Trixi O.

Sorry…I forgot my email!
teamob4 (at) gmail (dot) com

LeAnn Applegate

I have had 2 dogs that were special to me. Sir Boswell I got as a puppy that went threw my first pregnancy with. He was part beagle part German Sheppard. He loved water! My other dog was a female American Red Pitbull. She was a love! I had sleep apnea and stopped breathing one night and she got me breathing again! Her name was AlizeeShe was beautiful! I love your books! Always have! Would love to win! God bless

Martha Peace

Love your books,thanks for a chance to win