Sacred Bond Book Order!

Help! Confused reader Anne writes:  “Thoroughly enjoyed reading the ‘box set’ of books 1-4 of the Sacred Bond books and want to read more! What’s the right order to read these please? I see there are two ‘prequels’ and also the Sacred Guardians as well….a little confused here!”

I sat down to make Anne a list and realized she might not be the only confused person. In fact, as I made the list I confused myself! You see, I didn’t sit down and plot the entire Sacred Bond mega-series at once. It’s grown organically, and continues to do so.

But here’s the chronological order of the Sacred Bond and Sacred Bond Guardians books, present and planned… for now!

Before the Bond (short story, available free when you sign up for Lee’s newsletter): John Moretti’s early romance

A Christmas Bond (novella): John Moretti falls in Love with Annie. Introduces first class of Sacred Bond brothers from the Covenant School for at-risk boys.

Sacred Bond Novels (the first class from the Covenant School, grown up)

Sacred Bond novels_ book order
What would improve the clarity of this graphic?

His Baby Bond

The Bride’s Broken Bond

Her Reunion Bond

The Doctor’s Bond

In-Between Novellas

The Protector’s Bond (novella): Chad Sager, decorated veteran and security guard at the Covenant School, rescues a woman in jeopardy—and mentors the next class of at-risk teenagers into making a bond to serve and protect. Romantic Suspense, prequel to the Sacred Bond Guardians

A Bond for the Holidays (novella): the love triangle introduced in Before the Bond comes home to haunt John, Annie, and Robert… just in time for Christmas.

Sacred Bond Guardians
(the second class from the Covenant School, grown up. More suspenseful stories)

A Brother’s Bond

Suggestions to improve this one? Too dark?

A Bond at Risk

A Bond of Vengeance

A Bond Fulfilled

A Western Bond




Sacred Bond Standalones

Stray Gifts (novella, friend of Mark Stern returns from war)

The Wedding Bond (Phelan, childhood friend of Boone (The Doctor’s Bond) finds love in Pleasant Haven, Florida.

A Bond of Hope (Maria Moretti’s long-lost foster sister)

Coming in 2017

A Harvest Bond (John Moratti’s later-in-life romance… wraps up the whole series)

So tell me: what else should I include on this list? Links to more details about each book? On Amazon only, or on other retailers as well? Should I add the names of the heroes and heroines? A one-line description? Pictures of the book covers? 

If you let me know what you, as a romance reader, would like to see on the “official” book list, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. By Easter, please. Thank you for your help!

EDIT:  Winner was Anne, the reader who got this all started… via random number generator. Congratulations, Anne!



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Thank you for posting that. I can now find out there earlier parts of the ‘story’ before moving on further. The characters are so interesting and the writing style so relaxed and easy to read. Also, so nice to read books with no bad language. Glad to say I am no longer confused!

Rachel Dodson

Maybe if you added the name of the character that the book is about. That way if a reader gets confused about the book title they would be able to discern which book it is.

Beth C

I would love to see the names of the characters and the order of the books. That way I don’t get confused!

Elma Brooks

Like it when I read a series of book it starts or says something like Anna’s
Story or Anna’s hope.or so and so. …
Hope I made sense.Thanks for writing great bookd,would read them no matter the title or order.

Lucy Reynolds

I like to see books that are in a series listed as a series and the order. I also like them in order by publishing date.

Lientjie Human

I would like to see the characters names, and perhaps you could give the books numbers.


To post on your website/blog for all to see if you wish:

Many thanks for the Winning Gift Voucher. Lee took the trouble to organise for me to have the gift card over here in the UK – thank you.
So great to have read all the ‘Sacred’ Books. To anyone who hasn’t read them all, I recommend them. Great characters, page-turning story lines and that little ‘touch of spice’ without any uncomfortable or graphic moments!
Look forward to reading the ones to be released later this year as well as other books I see listed on your page.
Thanks again.