SNEAK PEEK: Who will the Preacher's Daughter Pick?

Check out this scene from my latest inspirational romance, The Doctor’s Bond. Poor Abby has just been lectured at by her preacher father, and this is what happens when she gets back to the church. 

She made it back to the church in record time—it was lucky no police were on the road—got out of her car, and slammed the door hard.

Try or Buy on Amazon“Hey lady, what’s your hurry?” Boone McDermitt called from across the parking lot.

She hadn’t seen his truck. And she didn’t feel like talking to him. “Nothing,” she called back, heading toward the church’s side door.

But he obviously wasn’t going to let her get away that easily. “I need to talk to you a minute,” he said.

She watched as he approached her, dressed in blue jeans and a work shirt, looking tanned and muscular. Looking devastating, she admitted to herself, and when she thought of the last time she’d seen him—thought of those large hands massaging her shoulders with such expertise—she blushed.

“What’s up?” she asked impatiently, irritated with herself.

But Boone wouldn’t be rushed. “You look upset,” he said. “Is your dad okay?”

“Oh, he’s recovering real well. Well enough to start interfering with my personal life.”

Boone’s eyebrows went up. “Somehow, I don’t think you’d appreciate interference,” he said.

“You noticed,” she said sarcastically.

“Of course, you might need the advice. I’d bet you can be a little too hardheaded for your own good.”

Abby rolled her eyes. “What do you know about it? Why do men always think they ought to tell a woman how to live her life?”

Boone moved just a little closer to her, his mouth quirking up into a smile, his presence overpowering. “It’s a topic of great interest to us, how women live their lives,” he murmured. “Certain women, that is.”

“Watch a documentary,” she advised, taking a step backward.

“That’s nowhere near as satisfying as the real thing.” His eyes held hers. She wondered if he was thinking about their picnic, as she was.

Behind them, the church door opened. Gordon Kinney emerged, his golf shirt and khakis making him look more like a tourist than a minister. “Is everything okay, Abby?” he asked.

“Everything’s just fine, Gordon,” she said, feeling surrounded. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

“No reason.” He looked at Boone. “Hi. I’m Gordon Kinney. I’m standing in for Abby’s dad while he’s ailing.”

Abby’s manners kicked in. “Gordon, this is Boone McDermitt. He’s the doctor who helped save Dad.”

The two men shook hands.

“Can I help you with something at the church?” Gordon asked politely.

“I’d already found what I wanted,” Boone said, looking at Abby.

“Oh?” Gordon looked surprised and none too pleased, and Abby blushed furiously. Both men were acting like dogs fighting over a bone. Not that either one really knew anything about the bone, or cared; it was just a matter of territory.

“If you’ll both excuse me,” she said, “I have a piano lesson in five minutes.” She turned toward the church.

“I’ll walk in with you,” Boone said easily. “Eric wanted me to pick up a copy of next week’s anthem. He said he wants to practice his part.”

“All right, come on in,” she said shortly.

“I’ll see you afterward, Abby,” Gordon said. “I have a few questions about the Sunday service.”

When they got to the church door, both Boone and Gordon Kinney reached for the door to open it. Boone got there first, and Abby went through. Behind her she heard them mildly arguing over who was to go in first.

Men! Sometimes they really did seem to be from a different planet.

If you were Abby, which man would you pick? Boone, the bad-boy doctor, or Gordon, the clean-cut interim pastor?

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Love it