The Story Behind a Memorial Day Story

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Want to read a Christian romantic suspense story focused on Memorial Day and featuring a handsome, heroic veteran? “]Then my new release, The Protector’s Bond, just might be the book for you.

But first, full disclosure: I’m not a veteran, and everything I know about wartime and related heroism is learned from books, conversations, and, well, the usual writerly eavesdropping. I admire the courage that serving in the military takes, but I don’t share it. So it’s with humility and awareness of my own limits that I present a series of novels featuring military and law enforcement heroes.

Here’s the official blurb:

When Lissa Lopez impersonates a janitor at the Covenant School, she has the very best intentions: to make sure the child she gave up for adoption eight years ago is well and safe. She doesn’t anticipate the attraction she’ll feel for school security guard Chad Sagar . . . nor the suspicions her anxious behavior will engender in the handsome veteran.

Over a Memorial Day weekend, the child’s abusive father gets out of prison and comes stalking. It takes everything Chad has, plus an assist from the at-risk boys he’s mentoring, to save Lissa and her daughter from a gruesome fate . . . and to trust in the love that’s grown between them.

[bctt tweet=”Three reasons why I wrote The Protector’s Bond.”]

  • During the past year, thanks to a couple of wonderful friends (you
    My daughter and I participated in the Run as One 5K race to help raise awareness of the high rate of veteran suicide. 22 per day is way too many. Some military-related losses occur off the field of battle.
    know who you are), I’ve come into contact with many amazing veterans. Getting to know them, attending ceremonies and funerals and social gatherings with them, hearing their stories…all of it inspired me when I started thinking about the hero for this book. I know, I know: my veteran friends would be the first to say that Memorial Day is not about them; it’s about the ones who didn’t come home. That’s exactly what my hero Chad says, too.
  • The Sacred Bond series: I didn’t want to be done! The Covenant School continued on in my creative brain. John and Annie, the hero and heroine of A Christmas Bond, had adopted a child . . . what was her background, I wondered? And what if the next “class” of semi-delinquent boys got interested in military and law-enforcement careers?
  • I love mysteries and I love suspenseful stories, but could I write one? I do like a challenge . . .

I hope you’ll spend a small part of your holiday weekend reading The Protector’s Bond. What else will you be doing? I’d love to hear about your plans!


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