Vengeance... The Understandable Sin

A Bond of Vengeance by Lee Tobin McClain
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Are you one of those people who always loves your enemies and never wishes harm on another person?

Because I’m not.

“Punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or offense”: that’s vengeance.  An eye for an eye, right? It’s Old Testament thinking, and we as Christians should turn the other cheek. 

We should, but so often, we don’t. 

I’m used to getting along with everyone at work, but I once had a very hurtful experience where a group of people I’d respected tried to block my promotion for reasons that had a lot to do with my youth and gender. It took a few years before I could look at any one of those people without an inner recoil, and I’m afraid I wished professional failure on them more than once.

A lot of women have experienced much worse sexism on the job. How about that disturbing video of cruel tweets received by female sports reporters? How bitter would that make you?

The thing about these situations is, we have been wronged. We didn’t deserve what happened. It’s not fair. Wanting to get back at people who’ve hurt us, or at least wishing ill on them, is completely understandable. 

I struggle with this issue of vengeance, and when I struggle with something, it comes out in my fiction. In A Bond of Vengeance, Kendra Kennedy was horribly wronged as a child, and she is determined to exact revenge on the biker gang who perpetuated the crime. It’s understandable that she would hate these men, would wish harm on them, and would use her professional skills to seek revenge. I loved creating Kendra because she is a good person, but very, very flawed.

Like most of us.

The thing Kendra learns about vengeance is that it’ll eat you up inside. It controls you; it steals your joy and prevents you from moving on. But how do we stop those understandable, natural feelings of wanting revenge?

We can’t. Not alone, at least. 

It’s only through the mystery of Christ’s sacrificial love–reading about it, meditating on it, feeling it–that we can do the unnatural thing and forgive. And by continuing to dwell in Christ’s love, we might finally come to love our enemies and wish them well. 

It has actually worked for me in my job situation. I can joke around with the colleagues who tried to stall my career. Ninety-nine percent of the time I don’t even think about that past painful experience. I no longer wish any of them harm.

Now, my ex-husband? That one, I’m still working on….

But how about you? Do you know someone who’s eaten up by a desire for vengeance? Do you struggle with it yourself? I’d love to hear from you! And I hope you’ll take advantage of the special sale, this week and next, on A Bond of Vengeance. 





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I love your books. Have been looking to see if you have written and published “A Sister’s Bond” and “Stray Gifts” yet. Can’t wait for them to be out.
Just thought I’d check with you about it.
Thank you and keep on bringing more books like the Sacred Bond series books out. You have an great writing style. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.