Which Cover is YOUR Favorite?

fall Sacred Bond FB cover

It’s been a busy summer! I’m thrilled to bring you the last three Sacred Bond novels, coming out in September, October, and November, 2016. Writing this series has been so much fun, and your response has exceeded my wildest expectations. Ending the series after 16 books is bittersweet. I love my Sacred Bond heroes! 

September’s book, The Wedding Bond, takes us back to Pleasant Haven, Florida where A Doctor’s Bond took place. Kaylee’s vowed to get married within a year, and she wants her high-school sweetheart–now a handsome Army Ranger–to help. The trouble comes when old feelings and secrets flare up. Will Kaylee and Phelan get their happy ending?

October brings a spicy marriage-of-convenience story featuring Maria Moretti’s long-lost foster sister, Esperanza Lopez, whose fondest wish is to adopt a baby. But her troubled past presents a barrier. Will her boss at the Helping Hands adoption agency, gorgeous Gabe Montana, be a hindrance, a help… or the love of a lifetime? 

In November, widower John Moretti is back… and in close quarters with his old flame, Emily Stern, as they fight over the farm whose ownership they share. Or maybe they’re really fighting the old feelings that keep kicking up between them. This time, it’s John who has a secret. Will the truth destroy Emily, or propel her into his arms?

More information and links to retailers are coming soon. Meanwhile… I’d love to hear which of the three covers above is your favorite. 


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Beth Fiscus

I am so excited to see you are having THREE new Sacred Bond books coming out soon! That is so exciting! You always do a fabulous job with the cover selections and they really draw a reader in. If I had to choose, I would go with A Harvest Bond as my favorite cover because of the gorgeous fall colors and the bright red barn. What a beautiful setting!

Lientjie Human

They all look lovely and I’m sure they will all be great stories! My favourite would be A Bond of Hope.


The October cover is the most appealing.Looking forward to these fall reads.

Beth Erin

I’m looking forward to reading them all, I love all your Bond series!
My favorite cover above is A Bond of Hope!


They are all wonderful but I like the third one best.

Andrea Byers

I love them all, but I’d pick Bond of Hope as my fav, with a Harvest Bond being a close 2nd.

Ritchie Smith
On the first cover Kaylee’s dress looks like she and Phelan got started on the honeymoon early with the top of her dress being so provocative. The second one doesn’t give much away about Gabe’s face, but on the November cover there’s our old love, smilin’ John Moretti, who was so handsome at the start of the series and I’m sure he has aged well. I like this cover best, partially because it brings John a new (old) love and I hated that he would be alone at the end of series, but it is more aesthetically pleasing in choice… Read more »
Ruthie Smith

First name should be Ruthie not Ritchie. Spell checker still doesn’t know my name!

Sandra Evans

I have loved reading your books.I really like October the best as far as covers.