Why Romance Novels Aren't Usually About Married People... and Why They Should Be

Love's Gift coverWriting a romance novella about a married couple poses unique challenges. Who remembers the “To Have and to Hold” series of category romance novels published in the 1980s? Yeah, I didn’t think so… that line of books didn’t last long. Since most romance novels are about falling in love, folks who are already married have been there and done that. No need to write a book about it!

But sometimes, there IS a need for a book about married romance. Usually, it’s because the married
people in question are going through a huge crisis. That’s the case in my novella, A Bond for the Holidays, part of the Love’s Gift collection. Robert, a successful pediatrician who doesn’t especially like change, gets a big shock when he discovers a secret his beloved wife, Emily, has been hiding for eighteen years. (Hint: if you read my short story Before the Bond, available free when you sign up for my newsletter, you will know the secret before Robert does!)

Feeling hurt and betrayed, Dr. Robert is still too kind to break up his family right before Christmas, so he agrees to keep the marriage together just for the holidays.

Figuring out how Robert and Emily could resolve their crisis—amidst a heartwarming group of at-risk teenagers, with sledding and hot chocolate galore—made A Bond for the Holidays challenging, yet really rewarding, to write.

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Marriage isn’t for sissies. A lot of us go through crises that threaten our love and our families. Sadly, some marriages don’t survive. I’ve been through the pain of divorce, and maybe that’s what made me determined to give Robert and Emily a happy ending. Of course, the key element in repairing their marriage is their strong faith. A love relationship that places God at the center is much better able to survive life’s storms.

I was tempted to give up on this story and this family several times during the writing process. But like Dr. Robert, I had a wonderful group of supportive friends who helped me push through. Seven other Christian romance writers were waiting for my story—as they worked through their own—and we prayed for each other and cheered each other on through the weeks and months of writing our novellas. The result is Love’s Gift: 8 Christian Romances Celebrating the True Meaning of Christmas. You can wait for Robert and Emily’s story when it comes out separately in a few weeks… or you can grab it right now, for a discounted price of 99 cents, with seven other Christmas novellas in the set. Really, which choice makes the most sense?

What’s your favorite way to keep family together and strong during the stressful holiday season?

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Emilee Douglas

Looks good, would love to read it!

Pam Lunsfor

I think why there aren’t many books about married couples, people like it when people find love. It reminds us of when we fell in love, it was a beautiful and sweet time. I think there should be books about married couples because they face real challenges and so many struggles. I would enjoy reading books how they make it and how to find that special love they once had.

Patti H

While I love a sweet romance as much as the next girl, I really want to know what happens next. Did Prince Charming snore on the honeymoon? How did Cinderella handle her in-laws? I always tell my daughter, while I like the beginning and the end, it’s the journey in the middle that’s my favorite part.